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Here at the Gillen Club, we can cater for all your function needs. From children's birthday parties, Christmas parties, and all types of celebration to corporate meetings, a family get together, or presentation night. The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help. 


Here at the Gillen Club we can cater for all your function needs. From children's birthday parties, Christmas parties, and family get together, to corporate meetings and presentations. The options are endless. 

The Gillen Club has three main function areas: 

1. Alfresco Dining Area

2. Main Dining Area

3. The Boardroom

All function areas are provided by the Gillen Club free of charge. Bookings are required so get in early to avoid disappointment. 

Please note: Bookings over $100 require full payment upon confirmation of numbers. If you cancel within three days of the function, a $100 cancellation fee will aplly.


The Gillen Club is the perfect venue to hold your child's next birthday party. While the kids have fun exploring the indoor and outdoor playgrounds the adults can relax and enjoy a stress free day. 

Kid's birth parties can be booked in anytime the club is open. Food will only be available during Bistro trading hours: 

Sunday - Thursday

12pm - 2pm & 5.30pm - 8.30pm

Friday & Saturday 

12 midday - 9pm

Kid's Birthday Platters cost $9 per child plus any additional extras. The birthday child DINES FREE! 

Birthday cakes can be bought into the club and stored in bar cool room (please ask the bar staff for assistance). Please clearly label the box or container to avoid confusion. 


The Gillen Club

Ph: 0889523749




The Alfresco Dining Area is a large outdoor dining area that can easily seat 72 people.


It can be sectioned off into two smaller areas to accommodate smaller groups. It is perfect for family friendly events as it is very close to the outdoor playground. 


The Main Dining Area comfortably seats 200 people. This can be sectioned off to suit numbers and group sizing. Alternatively one or more tables can be booked. 

We have a PA system, a stage, and a dance floor which are avalibe to book. 

The bristro has access to the indoor playground.


The Boardroom is a private meeting room suitable for corporate meetings of up to 18 people around a large table.


There is a TV screen mounted on the wall suitable for presentations, and we can provide catering for meetings in this room.




BBQ Platter $125

10 pcs Chicken Satay Skewers 

10 pcs Buffalo Chicken Wings

10 pcs Pork Riblets 

10 pcs BBQ Meatballs

10 pcs BBQ Chipolata Sausages

Party Platter $135

10 pcs Mini Quiches

10 pcs Mini Pies

10 pcs Mini Sausage Rolls

10 pcs Cocktail Spring Rolls

10 pcs Samosa

10 pcs Crumbed Chicken & Garlic Balls

Vegetarian Platter $115

10 pcs Mini Spinach & Cheese Rolls

10 pcs Samosa

10 pcs Cocktail Spring Rolls

10 pcs Onion Rings

10 pcs Vegetable Pasties

Slider Platter $68 for 20 pcs

Pulled BBQ Pork with Coleslaw

Pulled Lamb with Coleslaw 

Pulled Beef with Coleslaw

Fruit Platter $85

Selection of sliced seasonal fruit

Sandwich Platter $40

Includes 7 sandwiches 

Selection of fresh sandwiches

Chicken & Sriracha Aioli


Ham, Cheese, Tomato 

Pepperoni, Cheese, Relish 

Egg & Mayo

Corned Beef Mustard 

Salad (vegetarian) 

Jackaroo Platter

5 ppl - $43 

10 ppl - $78

15 ppl - $88

20 ppl - $113 

30 ppl - $158

40 ppl - $208

50 ppl - $248


Sundried Tomatoes 

Pickled Onions 

Smoked Salmon 

Tasty Cheese 



Small Gherkins 

3 Dip Selection 


Kids Birthday Platter

$9 per child (min 10 children, Birthday Child dines FREE)


Hot Chips

Mini Sausage Rolls

Chicken Nuggets

Fish Fingers

Mini Pizza

Party Pies 

FREE Jugs of Soft Drink (2 jugs per 10 children)

$24 for a tray of additional extras: 

Carrot Sticks

Celery Sticks

Cucumber Sticks

Cherry Tomatoes


$35 pp - min 20 people

Salads - Choice of 2

Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad or Quinoa Salad

Desert - Choice of 1

Fruit Salad or Creme Caramel


Chicken casserole

Beef Stew

Lamb Stew


House made potato wedges

Steamed green beans

Roasted carrots


Cook your own BBQ or book a chef for $100 (2hrs max for a minimum of 20 ppl)

BBQ served with assorted condiments including Grilled Onion, Fresh Bread, Sauces, and Relishes. 

Option 1 $28pp 

Beef Sausages 

Rump Steak 

Corn Salad 

Chickpea Salad


Option 2 $34pp 

Lamb Chops

Rump Steak 

Beef Sausages 

Corn Salad 


Chickpea Salad

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